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Team Building Programmes

Team BuildingOverview

We offer a range of innovative team building solutions ranging from half day motivational sessions through to long term team development programs. All our programs can be integrated within our areas of expertise. For instance, depending on organisational needs, the team building process can be designed to have a values, leadership or project based focus.

Our team-building sessions are interactive and engaging. They are designed to bring out the best in people in a non-threatening and fun way.

Organisational Team Development

Our organisational team development program is an excellent way to motivate and refocus work teams. It consists of an initial one or two day workshop event with a follow-up day programmed some time after.

The initial program is normally divided into three broad components. These are: Understanding yourself; Understanding the team and; Personal leadership and moving forward. We use a range of instruments and activities to ensure an active and motivational experience, focused on the specific needs of the organisation.
Furthermore, in addition to the normal follow through from workshop activities; A second workshop is normally undertaken within six months. This allows for a formalised review of team effectiveness and an opportunity to introduce further information.